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Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers Produce Masks Against Coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic which started in China and affecting the whole world, certain medical materials that prevent the transmission of the disease have become vital. Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers that mainly serves the migrant population in Turkey, though public health, psychosocial, livelihood and protection services is now producing masks for the prevention of the virus.

While the pandemic is spreading at full speed in the world, the need for protective equipment against coronavirus such as masks, gloves, visors for both healthcare workers and the public has increased. In line with this need, the Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers, which took rapid action, began producing masks from special fabrics which were provided as donations.The classes that were initially used for the vocational trainings for developing the livelihood skills of refugee and host communities are producing minimum 20.000 masks per day as well as the plastic visors for the health staff. The production of plastic visors began with the help of 3D printers within the technology classes in Community Centers.   

Host Community and Migrants Work Together

The Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers, which are spread around the country, are mainly serving the refugee and host communities who are currently located in Turkey with numbers reaching 4.5 million. The Coronavirus situation has also shown a great example of solidarity among the communities that are benefitting from Red Crescent services. Staffs, volunteers, migrants, beneficiaries from different nationalities are all together for the production of masks and visors in order to provide these equipments for the communities and health workers.

With the support of the Turkish and refugee volunteers, who support the production both from sewing classes in Community Centers and from their homes, more than 500.000 masks are produced per month and offered for the service of healthcare professionals and others in need. The masks are produced within the sterilized classes and put into sterilization before they are put in use.

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