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The Agreement Was Signed For 16th Community Center

Turkish Red Crescent is adding a new Center to its 15 Community Centers. 16th Community Center that will provide services for both local people and displaced people will be opened in the City of Kocaeli with the financial support of Qatar Charity. 
Community Centers expand their influence area which they provide services for the social cohesion and social necessities of both local people as well as people under temporary and international protection.

The result of field visits and analysis showed the necessity for establishing new Community Center in the city of Kocaeli. With the financial support of Qatar Charity, Humanitarian Aid Organization in Qatar, Turkish Red Crescent launched an initiative for the new center. The Agreement was signed by Director General of Turkish Red Crescent Dr. İbrahim Altan and Turkey Country Director of Qatar Charity Mohammed Ouahi.

"We Will Continue To Strengthen Our Cooperation"
In the signing ceremony organized in the headquarter of Turkish Red Crescent, Qatar Charity Turkey Country Director Mohammed Ouahi stated, “Turkey has been carrying out significant humanitarian work for Syrian people. We aimed at contributing these efforts via Turkish Red Crescent whom we see as a trustable and close partner.”.
Director General of Turkish Red Crescent Dr. İbrahim Altan also mentioned the importance of the collaborative efforts and said, “Qatar Charity always provide important support to our humanitarian efforts. We are grateful to continue to strengthen our cooperation through this project”.
Within the support of various partners, Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers provide services on referral, training, livelihood development, nutrition and health, social cohesion, advocacy, protection, and volunteer activities.
Until today, more than 620 thousand people have benefitted from community centers. It is planned to reach 317 thousand new beneficiaries in the year 2019. 

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