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Schooling Efforts in Community Centers

Community Centers, which give efforts for providing more peaceful and happier lives to vulnerable groups in all ages since 2015, have been carrying out different activities to children, teachers, families about “schooling” since the opening of schools.
Education is a whole. Child, family, school, teacher ... Everyone is part of it. The Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers organize various informative and awareness-raising activities in 15 different provinces for fresh students, children, families, and teachers.
services  held with the motto of “#onetouchthousandslives”, different types of seminars are given such as:

  • importance of education,
  • importance and process of schooling,
  • registration processes,
  • children's rights,
  • healthy eating and hygiene in schools,
  • peer bullying etc.

In addition to the seminars and workshops, it is also aimed at enabling children to adapt and socialize more easily in the schools, with the fun activities organized by Community Centers.
Community Centers’ efforts on “schooling” will continue throughout the year.


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